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S10 Insertion and S17 Valve Retraction Styla Configurations
S10 Insertion and S17 Valve Retraction Styla ConfigurationsClick image to enlarge

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All pH, ORP, DO, pION, Resistivity and Conductivity electrodes are available in either the S10 or S17 sensor style housings. The S10 and S17 sensors are field rebuildable and repairable. They are designed for ease of use and reliable performance. Various materials of construction are available to maximize sensor performance while minimizing cost of ownership.
Features and Benefits
Retractable or insertion style sensors
3/4" Diameter for ease of insertion in high pressure /
    flow applications
Various materials including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy,
    Kynar, Polypropylene
Suitable for industrial and sanitary applications
Industry leading pressure and temperature specifications

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