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SENTINEL technology allows the Model S80 Sensor and T80 Transmitter Series to provide Pre-pHault diagnostic information about the lifetime of a pH, ORP or pIon measurement. The easy-to-read SENTINEL display graphically shows a filled triangular gauge that decreases proportionally to the degradation of the reference electrode. A filled gauge indicates a new electrode that is functioning properly while an empty gauge indicates an electrode near the end of its useable life. In addition to the graphics, the SENTINEL information is remotely transmitted by various user selected outputs providing an alert notification that the sensor electrode is nearing its useful life and will need replacement to avoid down time.

Features and Benefits
Unique Visual Sensor Life Indicator allows scheduled maintenence
Output the Diagnostic Signal to avoid unscheduled down time
Intelligent Pre-Calibrated Digital Sensors eliminate the need
    for field calibrations
Application Specific Electrode Cartridges, pH, ORP and Specific Ion
Submersible and Retractable Sensor Designs with various process
    fittings and lengths
Various Industrial Housing Materials, 316 SS, Ti, Hastelloy
    provide process compatibility

The SENTINEL brochure

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